MWidgets Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
MWidgets::BaseEventHandlerAbstract class for event handlers, used in Widget::ProcessMessage
MWidgets::ButtonClass that represent button widget
MWidgets::CellStructure that describe grid's cell
MWidgets::CheckBoxClass that represent checkbox widget
MWidgets::ComboBoxClass that represent combobox widget
MWidgets::ContextMenuClass for creating context menus;
MWidgets::DialogClass that represent modal dialog window
MWidgets::DockWindowClass that represent docing window
MWidgets::EventHandler< T >Template class for creating specific to object event handler
MWidgets::ExceptionException class
MWidgets::GridClass that represent grid control
MWidgets::GroupBoxClass that represent groupbox widget
MWidgets::IconClass for manipulating with icon resources
MWidgets::ImageClass for manipulating with image resources
MWidgets::LabelClass that represent label widget
MWidgets::MenuClass for creating menus;
MWidgets::MouseEventHandler< T >Template class for creating specific to object event handler
MWidgets::RadioButtonClass that represent radiobutton widget
SEHExceptionWatcherClass for showing stack and exception information
MWidgets::StatusBarClass that represent statusbar widget
MWidgets::TextBoxClass that represent textbox widget
MWidgets::WidgetBase class for all widgets
MWidgets::WidgetsSingleton class that sends messages to all widgets
MWidgets::WindowClass that represent single window(container for docked windows too)
MWidgets::Window::DockStartPosStructure for ordering layout
MWidgets::WindowSizeEventHandler< T >Template class for creating specific to object event handler

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